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Either its DevOps moving into NoOps or machine learning taking on vertical use cases, or having real conversation with machines or leveraging BlockChain technology for security, reliability, efficiency – it all comes down how an enterprise application is engineered and developed, what mix of technologies are used and the level of standards, consistency maintained.

At Genwhizz, we make sure our engineers are trained well first in the technologies they work before being deployed and have done prior work in the industry specific use case as much as possible. A high level of standard is maintained across all levels of deliveries to aid in creating a performance oriented software platform. All our efforts are managed via agile delivery status is made available to client users with full transparency based project management tools.


A business that stops innovating will lose its place to someone else… primarily because the interaction with customer at every point has changed and have moved away from a feel-good mode. Executing a Customer Experience based strategy is a challenge as it’s a continuous journey and an evolution based on the behavior

At Genwhizz, we take the time to understand relationship with an organization, service, product or brand, over time and across channels and provide that interpretation of the story from a user / persona perspective as a visual representation. This journey or story emphasizes the important interactions between customer expectation and business requirements and also aid in identifying new opportunities.


With the rise of BYOD, and a combination of AI, Cloud, Location based enterprise application, and IOT/IOP, Mobility is one among the most imperative pillars of any digital transformation project. Combining this with Augmented Reality will revolutionize various use cases around gaming, digital marketing, customer engagement, and personalization to engage with consumers at a new level than ever before.

Genwhizz enterprise mobility services expands across multiple kind of devices, various types of data, and are cloud enabled working on number of platforms. We build all kinds of apps be it native, web or hybrid and support for all mobile application architectures, libraries and UI frameworks


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GenWhizz Technologies was found in puducherry,India, in 2012 by analyst machine learning experts to bring the power of transformation technologies core Web and mobile Based development activities, client server solutions and Corporate Website development and maintenance services.

The company is dedicated to provide cost effective and innovative software solutions for various industries based on its customer needs. We stress on after sales services and maintaining the relationship with our customers throughout.

Partner with geographically strategic companies to deliver high end technology to customers. Expertise solution development organization with a creative appeal to capture the mid size market segment. Over 150 customers across India.

Some of its latest applications that you might be familiar with:

  • Web searches that recognize inputs, display relevant searches, predict results on relevance and return a ranked output.
  • Tracking of social media to know what people are saying about your brand/business/services.
  • Extracting actionable insights from redundant data.
  • Fluid web/mobile advertising.

Obsessed about delivering an impact, we create tangible results that:

  • Give your business organizational structure and skills that it needs to continue to grow over the long haul.
  • Use entire dataset, including the unstructured data, to identify high-value patterns.
  • Automate your processes that fit seamlessly into your existing infrastructure.

With our core values of collaboration, transparency, and intellectual curiosity, we ensure that our work remains accessible to you at entire project (and later) stages. It is our commitment to unleash innovation around the world, and we’ll be happy to work on your project along the way.




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